If you have your own insurance coverage, please be sure to have your agent list MAS Financial Services as the loss payee at the following address:

MAS Financial Services
PO BOX 295

Your agent may fax a declaration page to us at (714) 242-1749 showing the correct lien holder/ loss payee information. Please be sure that your policy lists a maximum deductible of no more than $1,000.

TOTAL LOSS ACCIDENT: If you have been in an accident and the vehicle is a total loss, contact us at (714) 836-1059, extension 135. We will need your insurance adjuster’s name and phone number, your policy number, and the date of the loss. You may also have your insurance adjuster contact us with this information.

REPAIR ACCIDENT: If you have been in an accident and are having the vehicle repaired: After the vehicle has been repaired, send us the repair shop invoice, pictures after vehicle has been fixed along with the insurance check. We will endorse the check over to the repair shop. Call us at (714) 836-1059 if you have any questions about this process.

PROVIDE INSURANCE INFORMATION: You may send your proof of insurance to Fax: (714) 242-1749.